Matchmaking Doctoral Training Network proposals

(Presently we do not plan to include the segment Doctoral Training Network in the 2022 Academy Call. But as this is not finally decided we still keep this page open for matchmaking between partners.)

Here you as partner or potential partner can state what proposal partnerships you look for, or just state what you can contribute with that you think may be of interest to others regarding Doctoral Training Network segment proposals. Be explicite regarding what type of partner or proposal you look for.

Be aware of that the final call focus is not set until later. It is therefor important that you also engage in the previous stag, Ideation and Call, to influence the chances of that a particular area is in focus and to show that there are potential strong ideas meeting the needs withing the area.

Once the specific segment call scope has been set, it will be stated here and in the call for proposal documentation.

The site is public and may be read and commented by anyone. The first time you submit a comment there may be a delay pending approval.

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