Welcome to this forum where we invite you to a dialogue regarding the EIT Urban Mobility Academy 2022 Call. We need your input regarding needs and issues concerning education and training within urban mobility. From these expressed needs we will select potential areas to focus the call on. As a second step you are invited to share ideas regarding the development of solutions. This will help us to further narrow down the scope and increase the quality of the call. In a third step this site will also facilitate consortia partner matchmaking.

Here we co-create the EIT Urban Mobility Academy Call together with existing and new potential partners. However, the site is public and anyone is welcome to join the dialogue. For other EIT Urban Mobility 2022 calls please click on All Calls in the menu.

Issues and needs

We first focus on discussing the education and training needs within the area of urban mobility. In addition, challenges and barriers meeting market needs are discussed.

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Ideation and call

Will open in November 2020

As a second step you are invited to discuss potential solutions and proposal ideas for a selection of prioritised areas. Also, you will be able to comment on the scope of the Academy Call.


Will open in December 2020

The third step involves matchmaking facilitation and networking among existing and new potential partners building proposal consortia.

Take the opportunity to engage in the dialogue about the needs regarding education and training within the urban mobility area. Join us in shaping the 2022 Academy Call.

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  1. This is one of the Responsible Research and innovation key. There are H2020 projects on RRI that can help EIT…