Course certificates

Being able to certify course participants, especially for professional learners, have been discussed. But then the value of the certificate needs to be perceived as high. It is not clear how a valuable certification brand and process can be built over time in an efficient way. But if we manage to do this the value taking education and training can increase. This can then also support the process of creating a financially sustainable professional school.

Do you agree with the statements above? How significant is this need? In what areas would this be particularly important? Why is this difficult to achieve?

We should here focus on trying to understand the nature of the problem, so please try to avoid to discussion concrete solutions, even if it is difficult. Potential solutions will be discussed in the next step of the process.

2 thoughts on “Course certificates

  1. Certificates are issued in a wide variety of areas and froms such as for MOOCs showing that a participant passed a course, to legally binding proofs of qualifications in specific areas. In all cases, being able to issue certificates may be a critical part of the education and training business model. However, the value of a “certificate” may vary quite a lot and to become recognized by employers and customers may be a long process.

    What is important for a certificate to create value for all involved stakeholders? And what is required to achieve a position where the certificate “brand” or promise is well recognized? These are important questions for us as the plans now are to extent the present EIT Label from being a quality framework for Master and Doctoral School innovation and entrepreneurship educations, see, to also cover certificates awarded professionals taking a variety of training within the different EIT knowledge innovation communities.


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