Master School – idea areas

Below, without a specific order, you can find the present list of potential areas for the Academy call segment Master School. These are based on the feedback received during the first phase, identification of education and training issues and needs and additional inputs and demands. We have also included Other, to ensure we address all relevant areas/ideas. If your idea refers to an area not listed, please keep in mind the overall target of the Master School. On a high level, the Master School aims at graduating students from EIT Labeled programmes within urban mobility, with a focus (minor) on innovation and entrepreneurship. Ideas to achieve this target in a more efficient manner are always welcome. This can be, for example, by increasing the demand for the programmes or improving the output per EUR, or even implementing financial sustainability. With a stronger and more solid financial model, we get more freedom and can expand faster.

For the areas below please state your ideas on potential proposals / solutions to these needs in the form of comment to each of the individual posts. The first time you comment an approval is required before the comment is visible. Please include links to additional material. Please state your name and organisation if you want to be recognised but note that this site is public.