Issues and needs – Doctoral Training Network

Please engage in the discussion regarding potential issues or needs related to the Doctoral Training Network. The aim is to identify potential areas for the call to focus on. Please discuss addressable issues and needs you see and what you think are causing these. Potential solutions will be discussed later. In essence the question is: What areas should we focus our budget on to maximize the impact of the Doctoral Training Network?

The main aim for the EIT Labelled Doctoral Training Network is to drive innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities through training and by supporting startup generating activities. The Doctoral Training Network programme includes 30 ECTS of innovation and entrepreneurship courses as well as a 4 month research placement. For more information please click here.

The first time you comment, an approval is required before your comment becomes visible. When appropriate, please include links to additional material (maximum 3). Please state your name and organisation if you want to be recognised. Please remember that this is a public site and that all comments are public and can be read by anybody. Please clearly state what issue or need you refer to, already mentioned or a new one, when posting a new comment. Please also post responses to comments made by others and also respond to comment you get.

From experience of previous calls and the present status and development we are here suggesting a number of potential areas. The Doctoral Training Network was not part of the main Academy call. We may however chose to include it into the coming call. The reason for not including it was that there were no significant issues to address suitable for a call. In any case, please suggest additional issues and needs to address if you find something missing. Focus on the problem and need, not pushing solutions. In general we look for activities and initiatives that can increase impact per EUR and increase the number of PhD Candidate generated startups.

  • Teaching methodology development across universities
    • Driven by the EIT Label ambitions we look for new effective and efficient teaching methodologies fitting the need within the Doctoral Training Network with a strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship and knowledge triangle integration.
  • PhD Candidate startup activities
    • We see a need to further strengthen encouragement and the support given to PhD Candidates interested in creating new ventures.

  • Suggest an issue or need to discuss 
    • Please suggest other relevant issues and needs to address and discuss and in line with what is stated above. What you think are issues and needs to focus on on to maximize the impact of the EIT Urban Mobility Academy activities.


7 thoughts on “Issues and needs – Doctoral Training Network

  1. We would love more involement of non-academic partners (cities, NGOs, consultancies, industry partners etc.). Our PhD students are looking for hosting institutions in order to carry out their international placement and are eager to learn from practice. Do not hesitate to reach out to me!


  2. We need to connect the knowledge triangle to co-create among research, master education and industry ( competence hub )


    1. Absolutely, knowledge triangle integration is key, the only way to ensure knowledge transfer and be really exposed to innovation and entrepreneurship. Doctoral students need to be more exposed to real-life industry problems, combining different types of research, engagement/face-to-face networking and creation/commercialisation activities.


  3. I suppose areas with most potential of impact in the urban mobility field/ecosystem should be selected, maybe also those areas which can have financial impact.


  4. Strengthening the knowledge triangle by offering our doctoral candidates intersectoral training will be a focus in the future. By this, the DTN community/network will integrate also non-academic partners. In the long run, this will also enable the implementation of concrete measures in our cities.


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