Ideation and call – Doctoral Training Network

Based in the drafted scope and the input in the Issues and Need dialogue, the below areas are considered to be included in the call. We may however decrease the number of areas due to budget constraints, if the area fits better to be included in the Academy fall 2022 call (for activity start July 2023), and if we think there will not be proposals addressing the area. We may also decide not to include the Doctoral Training Network segment at all in this call if there is a limited need. Related to the concern regarding if there will be enough proposals submitted, we want you to, either as a comment to this post or through other channels, let us know if you want a specific area to be prioritised as you plan to send in a proposal.

  • Teaching methodology development across universities
    • Driven by the EIT Label ambitions we look for new effective and efficient teaching methodologies fitting the need within the Doctoral Training Network with a strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship and knowledge triangle integration.
  • PhD Candidate startup activities
    • We see a need to further strengthen encouragement and the support given to PhD Candidates interested in creating new ventures.
  • Cross-Cutting Issues to Permeate all Call Items
    • The gender balance in DTN programme participation is still not meeting our objective. A key component in all our funded activities, not least around recruitment, needs to be how gender mainstreaming is integrated. Likewise geographic diversity (e.g. EU, RIS, non-EU).
    • Strengthening the knowledge triangle by offering our doctoral candidates intersectoral training will be a focus in the future. By this, the DTN community/network will integrate also non-academic partners. In the long run, this will also enable the implementation of concrete measures in our cities.