Ideation and call

Based on the input from the first step, Issues and Needs, we have identified potential areas to be included in the call. These are here described under each segment: Master School, Doctoral Training Network, Competence Hub and RIS Education. Ideas not fitting the targeted segments, are not expected to be included in the call. The scope of the call is drafted, based on where high potential ideas for workable solutions that meet a specified issue or need can be expected. We also consider the strategic fit with the EIT Urban Mobility strategic objectives.  

General admissibility criteria and limitations stipulated by the EIT will also be taken into account.  

Your comments and input regarding the call focus are most welcome. 

Based on the feedback received during the first phase, identification of education and training Issues and Needs, we will draft the main elements of the Academy call. Inputs are welcome in the form of comments to the post linked below.