Competence Hub – idea areas

The Competence Hub, our lifelong learning professional education organisation, has launched a wide spectrum of online videos and courses in 2020, see more here. Due to the pandemic our face-to-face course plans have been altered or postponed. Our offerings are set up with a “funnel approach”. On the top level a significant number of free videos are introducing hot urban mobility topics. For some of these topics we offer also Small Free Online Courses, and in some cases, even Massive Open Online Courses, MOOCs, depending on the estimated need. With the online courses as a basis and market need confirmation, individual elements (seminars, workshops etc.) to full face-to-face courses are offered. During 2021, the portfolio of courses will expand, the production capacity further developed, marketing and sales put in place  and a business model set. For 2022, we need to  find more cooperation partners sharing our strategic agenda and to strengthen both our position and ability in terms of services offered, sales and profit. In this call (Competence Hub) we plan to introduce a requirement of co-funding of 10 to 20%. Below you can find, in no specific  order, potential focus areas for the Competence Hub segment in the 2022 call.

For the areas listed below, please state ideas on potential proposals in the form of a comment to each of the individual posts. The first time you comment an approval is required before the comment is visible. Please include links to additional material. Please state your name and organisation if you want to be recognised, but note that this site is public.