Involving cities and industries

In the Master School and the Doctoral Training Network integration of the industry and cities is critical to secure relevance and to achieve Knowledge Triangle Integration. We have a number of ways to realize this integration but need to secure a lasting and perceived value and commitment by involved parties. In other areas outside EITContinue reading “Involving cities and industries”

Unmet city staff education need

The urban mobility area is seeing and is expected to continue to see a significant transformation. EIT Urban Mobility‚Äôs mission is to facilitate and accelerate this transition towards more sustainable models and a better use of public space. This demands a significant shift in competences and how the area is addressed. How this need canContinue reading “Unmet city staff education need”

Suggest an issue or need to discuss

Do you think an important need or issue related to training and education in urban mobility is missing? We primarily look for needs and issues that the EIT Urban Mobility Academy is able to address. This may be education within a specific area for a specific target group, a demand for cheaper and more efficientContinue reading “Suggest an issue or need to discuss”