Teaching methodology with a KT perspective

Driven by the EIT label ambitions we look for new teaching methodologies fitting the need within the Master School. This could be in areas such as challenge driven education, learning-by-doing curricula, inter-/transdisciplinary education, systemic innovation, multi-stakeholder management, citizen engagement, living lab methodology, knowledge triangle (KT) integration etc. The developed concepts should be possible to directlyContinue reading “Teaching methodology with a KT perspective”

New urban mobility programme/curriculum – open to also non-engineering students

The existing Master School programmes are quite restrictive in terms of admission criteria. The present 4 programmes are quite technical and therefore demand students to have taken a significant number of “engineering/technical courses” to be eligible. Urban mobility is however cross-disciplinary in nature and would many times benefit from a broader mix of skills andContinue reading “New urban mobility programme/curriculum – open to also non-engineering students”

Regional Innovation Scheme, RIS, integration

There is a need to better integrate RIS region universities, teachers and students in the Master School activities. This may be as an integrated or stand-alone activity within the Academy, or it may be run being part of EIT Urban Mobility RIS. In any case, we need to level out the imbalance in terms ofContinue reading “Regional Innovation Scheme, RIS, integration”

Pre-MS raising awareness activities/courses

We look for ideas regarding student activities at Bachelor level to raise the awareness of urban mobility as a topic. This can be courses, online or blended, summer schools or other activities. It may also be an integrated part of the admission process. The purpose being to generate an interest for all the challenges andContinue reading “Pre-MS raising awareness activities/courses”

Challenge Student Competition

We would like to launch a pan-European student competition within urban mobility. The competition should attract a large number of student teams as well as sponsors. The competition should be addressing a critical urban mobility challenge, generate significant publicity and in addition market the Master School. It needs to focus on a topic that studentsContinue reading “Challenge Student Competition”

Doctoral Training Network – idea areas

Given the input received in the first phase, Issues and Needs, and the previous Academy call, we have come to the conclusion that a call is not beneficial or required for the Doctoral Training Network development. Notwithstanding, this does not prevent us from further developing the Doctoral Training Network or change the present ambitions .Continue reading “Doctoral Training Network – idea areas”

Matchmaking Competence Hub proposals

Here you as partner or potential partner can state what proposal partnerships you look for, or just state what you can contribute with that you think may be of interest to others regarding Competence Hub segment proposals. Be explicite regarding what type of partner or proposal you look for. Be aware of that the finalContinue reading “Matchmaking Competence Hub proposals”

Matchmaking Doctoral Training Network proposals

(Presently we do not plan to include the segment Doctoral Training Network in the 2022 Academy Call. But as this is not finally decided we still keep this page open for matchmaking between partners.) Here you as partner or potential partner can state what proposal partnerships you look for, or just state what you canContinue reading “Matchmaking Doctoral Training Network proposals”