Regional Innovation Scheme, RIS

There is an increased demand from EU to level out the imbalance in terms of development between different European countries, lifting the level of less economically developed regions. Here, the Competence Hub activities can play an important role. Wider impact courses need to be possible to run at a low cost per learner or participant. We welcome proposals with a potential to reach break-even in the long run. This probably calls for blended or online courses, and that larger volumes are targeted to cover costs and be able to offer services in line with available budgets. This may also be through initiatives building on the existing course portfolio, but making it available locally by, for instance, providing translations into local languages and local seminars and workshops. This requires specific skills in term of handling customisation at a low cost and also in understanding how to address and sell within RIS. We can fund development of such courses or course packages, given that they can be repeated the coming years.

2 thoughts on “Regional Innovation Scheme, RIS

  1. What about the idea of a twinning ? For example if a blended or f2f course works well, this same course could be organised by making two cities (or companies) cooperate to deliver this course, one city/company being in a more ‘mature/richer’ area of Europe, the other in a RIS country. To reduce costs, some of the exertise (but not all) would come from this ‘mature’ city or company (for example as case studies, exercices etc.). This would allow a reduction of direct costs and also provide a sense of solidarity and european cooperation between cities/companies.


  2. Many asynchronous courses will be produced by EIT UM. For RIS countries, there may be an issue of language (although many people have very good level of English today) but also of the topics that need to be addressed, which may differ from economically more developed areas of Europe. For such courses, the only costs will most probable be the online certificate at the end of the MOOC.


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