Other ideas for the Competence Hub

We have also included Other in order to address all possible relevant ideas at this stage. If targeting an area not listed, please keep in mind  the overall target of the Competence Hub . On a high level, the Competence Hub aims to re-skill and up-skill urban mobility professionals. Ideas where this target is fulfilled in a significantly more efficient manner are always welcome, by increasing the demand for courses or improving profitability. With a stronger and more solid financial model, we get more freedom and can expand faster.

One thought on “Other ideas for the Competence Hub

  1. There is a need to develop innovative teaching and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) methods and materials to disseminate findings drawing on ‘transitions to sustainable urban mobility’ and ‘sustainable urban mobility planning’ academic knowledge. MOOCs targeting policy-makers and practitioners across Europe and beyond (Global North & Global South), drawing on applied transition concepts, theories and case study examples, would be particularly helpful for a range of professionals interested in the field of urban issues. Disseminating knowledge related to these topics is critical to generate evidence-base policy-making leading to a change in policy mind-set and decision-making in order to rapidly progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the Climate Agreement and the European Green Deal (amongst others).


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