Multi-stakeholder collaboration courses

Courses,  education and training initiatives especially focusing on “breaking the silos”, systemic innovation, multi-stakeholder collaboration and thereby a strong focus on Knowledge Triangle integration have been emphasised in the Issues and Needs section. We welcome proposals in this area but they should aim for a significant market and/or impact potential. We are prepared to fund the development and take a significant part of the market risk. Presented proposals need to establish  a credible plan and experience regarding development, marketing and sales, and execution of courses aimed for the professional market. This may also, except for professional and executive schools, include other organisations targeting professionals, such as large urban mobility conference and fair organisers or other relevant partners. Courses should be possible to run during a number of years after 2022. The commercial agreement will most probably be a revenue share model.

One thought on “Multi-stakeholder collaboration courses

  1. There seems to be a need from senior level executives to better understand the changes and challenges that sustainable urban mobility will bring to us, in the foreseeable future, so they can adapt their organisations accordingly. Yet, the training on this matter is very limited (sporadic short conferences from internal/external experts, basically). What about building a more structured, thorough and impactful training programme, specifically tailored to helping executives leading their organisations towards making cities and urban mobility more sustainable?


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