Meeting city staff education needs

There is clearly a need within city administrations in term of urban mobility related up-skilling and re-skilling. Analysing these needs, it has become clear that courses should be possible to run at a low cost per learner or participant. We welcome proposals with plans to train city staff and/or policy makers but still with a potential to reach break even in the long run. This probably calls for blended or online courses, and that larger volumes are targeted to cover costs and be able to offer services in line with available budgets. This requires specific skills in term of handling customisation at a low cost and also in understanding how to address and sell to cities. We can fund development of such courses or course packages, given that they can be repeated the coming years.

One thought on “Meeting city staff education needs

  1. How to embrace innovation in mobility would be a very interesting course for city officials. However it should not be a theoretical course, but a practical experience for participants allowing them to identify the right solutions and apply them through exercices, which are applied to their own working environments. To reduce costs, the learning/methodology part could be online (only in English assuming that city officials in this area master english) and a number of classes / tutorials could be provided to follow up on the exercise. The last part could come at a fee, yet optional and highly recommended.


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