Hackathons have successfully been run in the last years, getting relevant stakeholders together working on concrete city challenges. From a financial perspective these initiatives have been quite weak, and this needs to be improved. This can be achieved by working on decreasing costs and at the same time increase external funding and support by alternative funding sources and sponsoring. Hackathons also hold a great potential in terms of publicity value which has also the prospective to leveraged. Alternative outputs may also be video material describing targeted challenges etc. justifying part of the cost. We welcome proposals that over time aim for creating increased value and decreased EIT funding needed.

One thought on “Hackathons

  1. In the last few years, it seems that everyone has been doing hackthons. Hackathons are fun to organize and usually interesting for both the hackathon hosts and the hackers. Nevertheless, they are also very time and money consuming:
    – How could we both reduce the cost of organizing hackathons while managing to attract as many relevant participants as possible?
    – Which partnerships would be key to achieve this?
    – How can EIT UM´s hackathons stand out?


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