Face to face or blended course development and management

We look for partners that have experience regarding face-to-face courses given to professionals and being able to offer courses in cooperation with EIT Urban Mobility. This may be existing courses with an urban mobility focus, or new courses based on the Competence Hub funnel approach. We expect support  with course design, marketing and sales and running the courses. The exact course plan should be adjusted to an identified need. We are prepared to fund the development and take a significant part of the market risk. Presented proposals need to establish a credible plan and experience regarding development, marketing and sales, and execution of face-to-face courses aimed for the professional market. Courses should be possible to run during a number of years after 2022. The commercial agreement will most probably be a revenue share model. We expect the commercial agreement to be in balance with offered co-funding, higher level of co-funding (expecting 25% and higher) resulting in a larger share of revenues generated.

2 thoughts on “Face to face or blended course development and management

  1. It would be interesting if we could build upon existing “open” small courses and MOOCs that EIT Urban Mobility delivers for free, to build blended learning experience (combining this course content with synchronous learning activities) to enable specific cities/organisations/communities to solve specific challenges/problems.


  2. For f2f or blended course, the question of the target audience is important too: Will it be an ‘open-enrolment’ course or a customised course? The latter requires the identification of training needs within a (or a selection) of target companies, which could be part of a local ecosystem (in a specific city or region). If such course is successful it could be replicated in other cities (or other topics).


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