New urban mobility programme/curriculum – open to also non-engineering students

The existing Master School programmes are quite restrictive in terms of admission criteria. The present 4 programmes are quite technical and therefore demand students to have taken a significant number of “engineering/technical courses” to be eligible. Urban mobility is however cross-disciplinary in nature and would many times benefit from a broader mix of skills and academic backgrounds. This could be a long-term ambition, new (potentially EIT Labeled) programmes open to also non-tech will take quite some time to be launched and we need to start this process as soon as possible. As an intermediary solution we would like to build on existing masters within Industrial Engineering and Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship or similar and add an urban mobility minor to such programmes. The urban mobility minor can also include the existing summer schools, study trips, internships etc. We understand that a Master of Science or similar in a technical university may be difficult for some universities to comprehend, but hope there will be enough universities open to this idea to eventually start an EIT Labeled programme combining urban mobility with innovation and entrepreneurship open to students with backgrounds such as political science, management, sustainability, finance, behavioral science etc.

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