Urban mobility SMEs’ education and training need

The EIT Urban Mobility Competence Hub are to serve a wide variety of organizations with urban mobility transformation related education and training. The main two groups of learners are expected in the mobility industry and city staff working with urban mobility. However, the needs can be expected to differ quite a lot between different areas and segments. The needs can be both regarding education areas or topics as well as how the education is made and what methodologies to apply. If better adjusting to specific needs the impact of education and training should be possible to increase.

State your view regarding the education and training need with the here focused segment, urban mobility SMEs. Is there a significant and general need, not met today and that requires our attention? Why is this not met today?

We should here focus on trying to understand the nature of the need, so please try to avoid discussing concrete solutions, even if it is difficult. Potential solutions will be discussed in the next step of the process.

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